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Given the field of your professional activity, we respectfully invite you to become a member of OESO:

  • You will be among an enthusiastic, international community whose members, coming from 85 countries, closely follow the stages of OESO's multi-disciplinary work and contribute their innovative ideas and constructive suggestions to the Permanent Scientific Committee as well as the Executive Committee of the OESO Foundation.
  • You will benefit from a discounted fee (reduction of 100 Euros) for the biennial OESO Congresses. The next Congress "Reflux disease, from LES to UES, and beyond", to be held in Como, Italy, promises to be an event in the field of esophagology for 2012. (→←)

In addition, if one or more of your abstracts were accepted for presentation at the Congress, they may then be published in the online version of the "Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology" (Lippincott-Williams-Wilkins), the official journal of OESO.

  • You will benefit from a special subscription rate to this journal (Impact Factor 2.93) (→←)
  • in addition, the members of OESO will receive priority review of any articles they may submit to the Journal.
  • You will receive the OESO Newsletter "Current Topics in Esophagology". (→←)
  • You will have permanent access to the OESO Knowledge Interactive Information System of the OESO Foundation. (→←)

In addition, we propose the purchase, at special price of $100 for the OESO members, of an exceptional tool:

The DVD containing 98 hours of presentations given at the time of the 10th World Conference of OESO in Boston (28-31 April, 2010): "Barrett’s esophagus"
You can thus,

  • hear a brief opinion of one of the world's leading specialists on a very specific point of his/her expertise,
  • View any part of the Conference, be it the 17 Plenary Sessions, 10 Symposia, 10 Topic Fora, or 6 Special Sessions, to reinforce or broaden your own knowledge,
  • or rapidly pick out of this extensive 98 hour program elements to strengthen your own papers or back up your personal presentations.

The DVD will be forwarded to you by return mail after payment. (→←)


  • The yearly dues for 2011 amount to 100 Euros.
    The savings on your rate for registration to the 11th World OESO Conference in 2012 is equivalent to the amount of your membership fee for 1 year.

The bulletin here below indicates how to join OESO as a member.
We hope you will strive to broaden the reach of OESO's achievements amongst the other national and international organizations to which you belong.