Topic Forum 1

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1 Sunday, September 2, 8:00 – 9:45 am
The LES following surgery
Chairs: I. Braghetto (Santiago) – Lee (Omaha)
Discussant: M. Loviscek (Buenos Aires)

  • What pre-operative testing provides most optimal information on esophageal  function prior to ARS? C.P. Gyawali (St Louis)

Following antireflux procedures:

  • The endoscopic characteristics of the EGJ  following different types of fundoplication. B.A. Jobe (Pittsburgh)
  • The radiologic characteristics of antireflux valves following surgery. D. Cavadas (Buenos Aires)
  • Are distensibility techniques useful  peri-operatively in upper GI surgery? J. Lenglinger (Vienna)
  • Which is the best method to evaluate the LES after surgery? S.Szachnowicz (Sao Paulo)
  • Is there correlation with the endoscopic findings? A. Csendes (Santiago)           
  • Do postoperative radiological findings correlate with manometric findings? R.P. Tatum (Seattle)
  • Postoperative manometry and 24h pH monitoring. G.M. Del Genio (Naples)
  • What happens with LES following antireflux surgery in long segment Barrett esophagus ? A. Csendes (Santiago)
  • The magnetic sphincter. L. Bonavina (Milan)
  • Have Toupet or Dor fundoplication a significant effect on increase of LES? G.M. Del Genio (Naples)

Following other procedures:

  • LES after distal partial gastrectomy O. Korn (Santiago)
  • LES after sleeve gastrectomy I. Braghetto (Santiago)
  • LES after gastric bypass. S. Szachnowicz (Sao Paulo)
  • LES after failed myotomy for achalasia: fibrosis or incomplete myotomy? A. Badaloni (Buenos Aires)
  • Is there a role for HRM in the evaluation of post-gastric banding symptoms? M. Loviscek(Buenos Aires)