Special Session 2

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2 Sunday, September 2, 10:15 am - 12:00 pm
GI sensitivity

A.M.  Drewes (Aalborg) – G. Nardone (Naples)
Discussant: M. Kollarik (Baltimore)

  • How does refluxed gastric acid initiate heartburn in those with GERD? R.C. Orlando (Chapel Hill)
  • Are there vagal afferent nociceptive nerves in the esophagus? M. Kollarik (Baltimore)
  • Does ATP play a role in sensory transmission in the esophagus? C. Brock (Aalborg)
  • Are P2X and P2Y receptors involved in esophageal hypersensitivity? A.M. Altomare (Rome)
  • Are neural purinergic receptors upregulated in GERD? C. Lottrup (Aalborg)
  • What role do adenosine receptors play in esophageal pain? M. Kollarik (Baltimore)
  • Is TRPV1 a major acid receptor in esophageal epithelium? G. Nardone (Naples)
  • What kind of acid sensitive receptors could be involved in the genesis of gastro-esophageal reflux disease symptoms? A. Lund-Krarup (Aalborg)
  • What is known about the cortical perception of refluxed acid in healthy subjects and those with heartburn of GERD? R. Shaker (Milwaukee)
  • What new methods exist for evaluation of esophageal pain? A.M. Drewes (Aalborg)
  • Which morphologic and/or neuro-physiological factors could be responsible for hypersensitivity in 
NERD patients? Q. Aziz (London)
  • Are there histological alterations that can distinguish non-erosive reflux disease (NERD) from erosive reflux disease (ERD) patients? F. Hvid-Jensen (Aalborg)
  • Are inflammatory processes involved in the genesis of NERD symptoms? R.F. Souza (Dallas)
  • Does the impaired esophageal mucosal integrity play a role in the symptoms generation of gastro-
esophageal reflux disease (GERD) C. Calabrese (Bologna)
  • Is the volume of refluxate involved in the perception of reflux episodes? A.M. Altomare (Rome)