Symposium 10

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10 Tuesday, September 4, 9:40 – 11:25 am
Chest pain and motility disorders
Chairs: S.R. Achem (Jacksonville) – S.J. Sontag (Chicago)
Discussant: D.O. Castell (Charleston)

  • What are the specific neural structures that serve as mechano-receptive and thermo-receptive receptors involved in chest pain? M. Kollarik (Baltimore)                                 
  • What is the origin of chest pain: central, peripheral, or both? Q. Aziz (London)       
  • Health care and epidemiology of chest pain: a global problem? K. Vega (Oklahoma City)
  • Does barium esophagogram have a role in NCCP? C.L . Canon (Birmingham, AL)
  • Does normal pH exclude esophageal pain? M. Frazzoni (Modena)   
  • What is the role of High Resolution Manometry in NCCP? J. Clarke (Baltimore)    
  • What is the role of High resolution US in chest pain? R.K. Mittal (San Diego)
  • What is the meaning of esophageal motility disorders in chest pain? J.E. Richter (Tampa)
  • Should pH impedance be included in the evaluation of NCCP? M. Frazzoni (Modena)
  • Are there other treatment modalities for NCCP other than PPIs? S.R. Achem (Jacksonville)  
  • Non-traditional therapy for NCCP S.R. Achem (Jacksonville)      
  • What future research steps should be taken in NCCP? D.O. Castell (Charleston)