Welcome Prof. R. Shaker

Attenzione: apre in una nuova finestra.

Dear Friends,

It is our distinct honor to welcome you to the 11th OESO Congress. This Congress has a unique place among the OESO gatherings in the history of our Organization, in that the entire program was designed through collaboration of 35 committees each focusing on their respective topic of interest covering the medical, surgical, rehabilitative, bioengineering, basic and clinical sciences from LES to UES and beyond. Over 250 experts participated in the design of the program. I am sure that you will agree that this was a successful process in broadening the leadership base of the Organization. For over 20 years, OESO Congress has brought to the community of scholars one of the most integrated clinical and research topics representing the convergence of over 30 medical, surgical, rehabilitative and basic science disciplines. I would like to thank all the committee chairs and members for their leadership and contribution to program of 11th OESO Congress.

It is with gratitude that I acknowledge the selfless efforts and dedication of Professor Robert Giuli and Madam Michèle Liegeon for their tireless efforts in managing the colossal process of program development and implementation which brought the OESO 11 to fruition.  

We are indebted to the generosity of over 220 thought leaders from 33 countries  who have graciously agreed to travel to Como and share their knowledge and expertise to make the OESO 11th Conference a reality. “Thank You!”

I hope that you have a wonderful and rewarding scientific and social experience in Como while attending the Congress.


Reza Shaker
Joseph E. Geenen Professor and Chief
Division of Gastroenterology
and Hepatology Medical College
of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Co-President, 11th OESO World Conference