Structure of the Sessions

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  • Grand Forum Sessions (1 hour):
    - Three “Grand Forum” sessions will be dedicated to broad subjects, at which time certain topics (4-6) will be put forward and introduced for thought, following a brief "key note".
    - The last Grand Forum of the Conference (Sept. 4, 12:00-1:30 p.m.) will be longer.
    It will be a vast, multi-disciplinary Forum symbolizing the essence of OESO, taking place without any other session running concurrently: this Grand Forum will put together a multi-disciplinary panel invited to debate on the following theme:
    "A true inter-disciplinary approach to a burning topic: the OESO specific format".
  • Plenary sessions (1hour 45 minutes): each will allow to address 15 five minute Questions, with a 30 minute discussion.
    One Fellow or young investigator will be asked to serve as Session Secretary, vested with the responsibility to contribute to the running of the sessions conducted by the 2 Chairs and one Discussant. In addition, they will have to note the outstanding points of the presentations and discussions to provide a summary to be posted in the main Hall and made available to the attendees as the day goes on.
  • Symposia, Topic Fora, Special Sessions (1hour 45 minutes): several will comprise questions, according to the original OESO format. Some sessions are still to be completed, and their format (15 questions or 6 ten minute presentations) have to be determined by the Chairs.
  • Additional Sessions: according to the needs of the various Committees, other sessions can be possibly added each day to the program in a room that will be made available.
  • These simultaneous sessions will reflect the work of many of the 35 Committees that have been formed in the precise aim of drawing up the program. Several of them, in the proposed program at a glance , are deliberately very focused, and would draw top specialists to attend the Conference specifically for these pinpointed sessions where they will want to make their own contribution.
  • And this, too, is a particularity of the OESO conferences.