Topic Forum 9

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9 Tuesday, September 4, 7:45 – 9:30 am
Drugs for esophageal disease
Limitations of the current compounds – Perspectives for the future

Chairs: C. Scarpignato (Parma) – R. Hunt (Hamilton)
Discussant: F. Di Mario (Treviso)

  • What are the shortcomings of the delayed-release PPIs (DR-PPIs)? R.H. Hunt (Hamilton)
  • Can the shortcomings of PPIs be attributed to poor response in reflux patients? R.H. Hunt (Hamilton)
  • How does symptom control compare with healing in RCTs of reflux esophagitis? F. Pace (Milan)
  • What is the acid suppression profile of twice daily DR-PPIs: how much acid is left? R.H. Hunt (Hamilton)
  • What is the response of reflux esophagitis to twice daily DR-PPIs? F. Pace (Milan)
  • The use of PPis after laparoscopic fundoplication: failure of surgery or failure of physician? C. Scarpignato (Parma)
  • Immediate-release PPIs: do they suppress NAB and improve nighttime symptom control? W.W. Chan (Boston)
  • Acid suppression with extended-release formulations of current PPIs: what is the real therapeutic gain?  F. Di Mario (Treviso)
  • Novel long-lasting PPIs: could they address the unmet clinical needs in GERD? C. Scarpignato (Parma)
  • Reflux inhibitors: pharmacological failure or flawed concept? F. Zerbib (Bordeaux)
  • Novel prokinetic compounds: do they still have a role in the treatment of GERD? C. Blandizzi (Pisa)