Plenary Session 2

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2 Sunday, September 2, 10:15 am - 12:00 pm
UES dysfunction
Diverticula – Globus pharyngeus

Chairs: R.K. Mittal (San Diego) – D. Sifrim (London)
Discussant: E. Rieder (Portland)                 

  • What are the respective advantages of VFSS (video-fluoroscopic swallowing study) and FEES (fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing) in the evaluation of UES dysfunction? B. Martin-Harris (Charleston)
  • What is the etiology of Zenker diverticulum? A. Schindler (Milan)
  • Spectrum dysfunction – From CPM bars to Zenker diverticulum. R. Dantas (Riberao Preto)
  • What is the proper diagnostic algorithm for patients with presumed CP dysfunction? P.C. Belafsky (Los Angeles)
  • What are the indications of endoscopic methods of treatment? J.M. Collard (Brussels)       
  • Is myotomy alone reasonable for small diverticula? J.M. Collard (Brussels)
  • How should we treat a diverticulum associated with reflux? E. Rieder (Portland)
  • What is the role of CPM dysfunction in globus sensation? A. Schindler (Milan)
  • What is the mechanism by which reflux contributes to globus pharyngeus? J. Del Gaudio (Atlanta)
  • What is the role of reflux in patients with isolated globus? A. Babaei (Milwaukee)
  • Do we need videofluoroscopy in patients with dysphagia, suspicion of aspiration, or globus? P. Pokieser (Vienna)
  • What is the role of endoscopy in the evaluation of globus? J. Del Gaudio (Atlanta)
  • What is the role of impedance-manometry and pH testing in globus evaluation? S. Kuribayashi (Gumna)
  • What is the best treatment for globus related to reflux? K. Zelenik (Ostrava)
  • Of those with impaired UES opening, who are better candidates for surgical intervention? A. Ouyang (Hershey)
  • What is the role of psychologic treatment in the globus patient? I. Sarosiek (El Paso)