Topic Forum 3

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3 Sunday, September 2, 2:30 – 4:15  pm
Chairs: P. Pokieser (Vienna) – M.S. Levine (Philadelphia)
Discussant: C.L. Canon (Birmingham, AL)

  • How should the radiologist test for gastroesophageal reflux at fluoroscopy? What is the value of the water-siphon test? C.L. Canon (Birmingham, AL)
  • What is the importance of hiatal hernias for GERD and how are hernias imaged on barium studies? C.L. Canon
  • What are the morphologic findings of reflux esophagitis on double-contrast esophagography and what is the value of this examination? M.S. Levine (Philadelphia)
  • How is scarring (including peptic strictures and rings) from reflux esophagitis manifested on barium esophagography? M.S. Levine
  • Are there characteristic pharyngeal findings on barium studies in patients with reflux disease and what is the value of videofluoroscopy in these patients? P. Pokieser (Vienna)
  • Is there a characteristic form of esophageal dysmotility on barium esophagography in patients with reflux disease? M.S. Levine
  • What are the imaging findings after anti-reflux surgery? C.P. Canon
  • Is there a benefit of recent developments for staging of esophageal cancer with multislice CT? P. Pokieser (Vienna)
  • Endoflip and videofluoroscopy: are the newcomer and the oldtimer complementary or competitive tests? J. Lenglinger (Vienna)