General information

Attenzione: apre in una nuova finestra.

This 11th Conference will respect the same, original, exclusive format which has established the reputation of each of the preceding OESO international gatherings since the very first:

One single subject – Questions – World experts to answer them.

  • The detailed contents of each part of the program are currently being finalized with topics and speakers, and each session will be completed on the program at a glance as they come in.
  • The program will encourage you to be part of this multi-disciplinary dynamic, joint undertaking: we ask you to follow the development of this program on the web, and share your comments and/or suggestions with us.
  • A multi-disciplinary dissection of one, single subject over 3 and a half days by a series of several hundred questions, each answer given in no more than 300 seconds casting light on a highly focused aspect of the subject.Each communication is offered to the attendees by a leading specialist in one of the 19 disciplines represented in OESO.
    Thus, the topic of the Conference will be fragmented into tiny bits by these answers, one following each other in Plenary Sessions and Special Sessions at a 5 minute pace, completed in the program by presentations in Symposia and Topic Fora which will shed additional light on the theme of the Conference.
  • In addition, three “Grand Forum” sessions will be dedicated to broad subjects, at which time certain topics will be put forward and introduced for thought following a brief "key note", so as to stir broad and controversial discussions. The last Grand Forum of the Conference will be a vast, multi-disciplinary Forum symbolizing the essence of OESO.
  • In order to avoid overlap, an attempt has been made to have, as far as possible, each of the 4 simultaneous sessions dealing with a discipline different from the 3 others.