Special Session 10

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10 Tuesday, September 4, 9:40 – 11:25 am
The refractory GERD
Chairs: V. Savarino (Genoa) – R.K. Wong (Bethesda)
Discussant: M. Hongo (Sendai)
Secretary: A.M. Altomare (Rome)

  • What is the difference between GERD hypersensitivity and refractory GERD? F. Di Mario (Treviso)
  • What are the data concerning acid hypersensitivity and sensory receptors (vallinoid, TRPV1) causing refractory GERD? F. Zerbib (Bordeaux)
  • How sensitive and specific is an increase in visceral adiposity in determining whether an individual may be refractory to PPIs?  F. Pace (Milan)
  • What is the effect of gastric components other than acid on refractory GERD?  R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • What is the relevance of weakly acidic reflux in refractory GERD? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • Is microscopic esophagitis relevant in determining symptoms of NERD? V. Savarino (Genova)
  • Do concomitant functional GI disorders affect the PPI response in NERD?  F. Zerbib (Bordeaux)
  • When a patient has truly refractory GERD? S. Nasseri-Moghaddam (Tehran)
  • What is the contribution of emotional stress in development of refractory GERD? S. Nasseri-Moghaddam (Tehran)
  • How effective are anti-depressives and SSRI’s in treating refractory GERD? F.J.  Moawad (Bethesda)
  • What is the evidence that a functional esophagus is associated with IBS? S. Armbruster (Bethesda)
  • Why are delayed release PPI’s less effective in NERD? C. Scarpignato (Parma)
  • Are delayed release PPI’s the answer to refractory GERD?  S. Armbruster (Bethesda)
  • What is the role of GABA agonists in the treatment of refractory GERD? S. Armbruster(Bethesda)
  • What is the role of biofeedback in refractory GERD? F.J. Moawad (Bethesda)
  • What is the best therapeutic choice in patients with functional heartburn? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • What new endoscopic procedures (NOTES) are being studied to treat refractory GERD? J.D. Horwhat (Washington)