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Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Being very common and complex, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) remains an area of great interest for both gastroenterologists and digestive surgeons. Symptoms and signs of GERD seem to be everywhere, affecting millions of people worldwide in a variety of ways. Beyond simple heartburn, the disease is an insidious disorder that can lead to epithelial destruction, columnar-lined esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma, a deadly cancer whose frequency has dramatically increased over the past decades.

Research in GERD, the new epidemic of this millennium, has significantly evolved in the last decade, leading to a greater understanding of the epidemiology, pathophysiology and complications of the disease. Implementation of new diagnostic techniques, such as pH-impedance recording, has allowed a better and more focussed diagnosis.

Non-erosive reflux disease (NERD) has become the topic of major interest and atypical/extra gastro-esophageal manifestations of GERD remain an area of intense research. New endoscopic treatments have been implemented for Barrett’s esophagus and new insights on the evolution of this condition as well as its progression to cancer have been gained.
As customary, the World OESO Congresses are planned to provide each time a thorough analysis of a specific topic in esophageal disease. This 11th World Conference of OESO is devoted to the Reflux disease, From LES to UES and beyond… to emphasize the complexity of the disease, which – by no means – is limited to the esophagus. The choice is a timely one because GERD knowledge continues to increase rapidly, and this meeting will give us the opportunity to get a glimpse of what will lie ahead.

Enclosed you will find the scientific program of the Congress which will take place for the first time in Italy, on the beautiful lake Como.

Its core is represented by the successful formula with questions and answers, originally developed by Robert Giuli, but exciting symposia, workshops and topic fora will complete the scientific information that will be disseminated during these four days. Several Round Tables, devoted to established and new therapies, will also be held during these days.

World renowned experts in some 20 different disciplines will answer the specific questions and leading scientists will present an in-depth review of the different topics.

Because of its major impact and its highly educational formula, this Congress represents a unique opportunity to update your knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of esophagology. We hope to have the chance of gathering established and young investigators from all over the World in what we feel will be a stimulating experience. We also hope it may encourage friendship, mutual knowledge and cooperation going beyond the limits of the meeting itself.

The weather in Como is at its best in September and you will also have also the opportunity to visit the town and its lovely surroundings. With its deep blue water and majestic mountains around, the lake is magic scenery you can appreciate by boat, enjoying the view of the shores dotted with small towns of rare beauty.

We are deeply convinced that this 11th World Congress will meet your expectations, from both a scientific and a social point of view.

Carmelo Scarpignato, MD, DSc, PharmD, FRCP (Lond), FCP, FACG
Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Associate Professor of Gastroenterology
General Secretary, OESO
President, Organizing Committee
11th OESO World Conference