Symposium 9

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9 Tuesday, September 4, 7:45 - 9:30 am
Non specific motility disorders
The irritable esophagus

Chairs: R.W. McCallum (El Paso) – K. Vega (Oklahoma City)
Discussant: R.I. Rothstein (Lebanon)
Secretary: R. Hejazy (El Paso)

  • Is there a role for symptom- incomplete bolus clearance correlation in HRIM? (similarly to symptom-reflux correlation) A. Bansal (Kansas City)
  • Does eosinophilic esophagitis contribute to esophageal chest pain? S.R. Achem (Jacksonville)
  • What is the relationship between hypertensive LES and vigorous achalasia, a single entity? R.W. McCallum (El Paso)
  • How does Erythomycin affect esophageal motility? A. Lund-Krarup (Aalborg)
  • What is the current understanding of spasms localized to the lower esophagus? D. Sifrim (London)
  • Is presbyesophagus (aging esophagus) a meaningful term and what is its clinical impact D.O. Castell (Charleston)
  • Does Starlings Law apply to the esophagus? A. Lund-Krarup (Aalborg)
  • Is the irritable esophagus part of spectrum representing a diffuse disorder of alimentary motility? C.P. Gyawali (St Louis)                  
  • What is the impact of HRM on understanding an irritable esophagus? D. Sifrim (London)
  • Do ethnic and gender based norms impact on diagnosis and treatment of esophageal motor disorders? K. Vega (Oklahoma City)