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These DVDs enable browsing through all the presentations made at the time of a conference, including all the slides and videos.
They give access to any isolated slide of a talk with related comments, or make possible searching of a key word in the entire program, with the list of all the contributors, plus their pictures and references.

  • DVD from the 8th OESO Conference in Avignon (2006)
    This DVD offers numerous opportunities to diffuse information and share knowledge on “The foregut, function-dysfunction” (43 hrs)
  • DVD from the 9th OESO Conference in Monaco (2008)
    “Gastro-esophageal reflux disease: from reflux to inflammation to adenocarcinoma”
    - The CME Course of the Monaco Congress (4 hours)
    - The whole content of the Monaco Conference (57 hours)
    in one DVD comprising all power point slides with audio commentaries + all videos.
  • DVD from the 10th OESO Conference in Boston (2010)
    “ Barrett’s esophagus: a multi-disciplinary approach to unmet clinical needs in esophageal disease”
    (98 hours)

A unique item of its kind is proposed to you:

On these 2 DVDs, you will watch,

98 hours of presentations,
- that is over 4 straight days and 4 nights,
- that is, an incomparable production.

Concerning what?

- One, single topic, Barrett's esophagus,
- but one that today draws the greatest interest in the field of the upper digestive tract.

How is it done?

- By a series of 340 answers, in no more than 300 seconds each, to 340 pithy questions involving all the disciplines related to this disease, be they clinical, or fundamental,
- By presentations made in 10 Symposia, 10 Topic Fora, and 6 Special Sessions.

By whom?

- By an unequalled assembly of top experts, among the most renowned in the world, each belonging to one of the 19 different disciplines combined in the scientific program.

To put it short,
- By the Who's Who of international esophagology.

For whom?

- For experienced specialists,
- as well as for those, in your Department or University, training in
Gastroenterology, Endoscopy, or Surgery, in whatever domain.

Why consult it?

- To get the most of what inter-disciplinarity can offer in the field of Gastroenterology,
- To provide to all members of the multi-disciplinary Gastroenterology community, experts or trainees, the opportunity to update their knowledge, at the highest level, in their field of interest,
- And, even, to enter the area of other disciplines, thus gaining a speck of the expertise of their colleagues.

How to navigate through 98 hours of presentations?

- By using the choice of accesses proposed in this DVD, that will lead you to

● A key word,
● The topic of a session,
● The answer to a question or the content of a presentation,
● And, even more, as an exceptional advantage, you can be lead directly to one of the slots devoted to discussion present in each session of the program, where you will witness lively, even controversial exchanges among the most known names in multi-disciplinary Gastroenterology.

Who is responsible for such a production?

- OESO (World Organization for Specialized Studies on Diseases of the Esophagus),
- The only Organization truly multi-disciplinary since its founding,
- And who has just concluded its 10th World Conference in Boston,
- where its original format was once again applied, that is a long series of questions and answers, leading to a unique in-depth dissection of a single subject.


These 2 DVDs are all that.

Their content will expand anyone's perspective on esophageal disease:
you can spend some briefs minutes, browsing from a 5 minute answer to a question to an intense discussion, or hours, studying its content and searching some new ideas in your field.

- If you were in Boston last August and enjoyed the OESO 10th Conference, you can now relive some of the sessions of this event, or discover other portions of the program you were unable to attend.

- If you were not in Boston, you can assess the tremendous preliminary work that went into setting up such a program, awarded 36.75 CME PRA CreditTM by the AMA.

Discount pricing for quantity purchases
2-10: $ 249 each set of 2 DVDs
11-50: $ 169 each set
51-100: $ 109 each set
Over 100: call for quote

Special fee for OESO Members: $ 100 / set of 2 DVDs