Special Session 8

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8 Monday, September 3, 4:30 – 6:15 pm
Endotherapy for GERD
Chairs: R.I. Rothstein (Lebanon) – P. Siersema (Utrecht)         
Discussant: T. Ponchon (Lyons)

  • Can gastro-esophageal reflux disease be treated endoscopically? P.D. Siersema (Utrecht)
  • What is the history of endoluminal devices in GERD. Have we learned anything? (Stretta – Endocinch – Enteryx - Suture devices – Gatekeeper) R.I. Rothstein (Lebanon)
  • RF, plication or injectables – which therapy has the best long-term outcomes at this point? R.I. Rothstein (Lebanon)                                                                 
  • What are the data of current endoluminal devices:  A. Roy-Schapira (Beer Sheva)
    - The Medigus SRS Endoscopy Systems
    - Do we have enough data to go prime time?

  • What is the role for (the newly revived) Stretta in the treatment of GERD related to transient LES relaxation? H. Mashimo (Boston)
  • TIF and the advanced endoscopy trained gastroenterologist - - Is this a procedure that I should learn or is it better left to a surgical endoscopist? J. Horwhat (Bethesda)
  • What are the valid alternatives to laparoscopic fundoplication? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • How should future studies be designed to assess mechanisms? R. Lambert (Lyons)
  • Results of the trial on electrical stimulation of the LES. V. Sharma (Gilbert)
  • What is the appropriate outcomes measure for endoluminal ARS: symptom scores or objective testing? J.M. Inadomi (Seattle)
  • How do endoluminal antireflux procedures compare to laparoscopic fundoplication. Is the investment worth the outcome? G. R.Locke (Rochester)
  • Is there any room for any endoscopic treatment of GERD? T. Ponchon (Lyons)