Special Session 7

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7 Monday, September 3, 2:30 – 4:15 pm
Respiratory manifestations of GERD
Chairs: S.M. Harding Hawkins (Birmingham, AL) – D. Sifrim (London)
Discussant: P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)

  • Are ENT and pulmonary symptoms the same extra-esophageal manifestations of GERD? R. Tutuian of GERD? (Bern)
  • What is the mechanism of cough induced by GER? K. Blondeau (Leuven)
  • What is the role of Extra Esophageal Reflux in cough? J. Allen (Auckland)
  • Does nonacid GER play a role in cough?  Non-acid GER?  D. Sifrim (London)
  • When is fundoplication indicated for cough? C.A. Pellegrini (Seattle)
  • Is impedance-manometry necessary for the diagnosis of reflux-related cough? D. Sifrim (London)
  • Are reflux and airway stenosis actually related? J. Allen (Auckland)
  • Does weakly acidic or non-acidic reflux play a role in airway stenosis? J. Blumin (Milwaukee)
  • What is the role of pH monitoring in these patients?  J. Allen (Auckland)
  • What are the results of anti-reflux surgery for cough? C.A. Pellegrini (Seattle)
  • Should an empiric trial of baclofen be performed prior to anti-reflux surgery? P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)
  • Can airway obstruction, by lowering LESP and increasing the Nb of reflux episodes, predispose to asthma? S.M. Harding Hawkins (Birmingham, AL)
  • What is the efficacy of PPIs on asthma outcome? W.W. Chan (Boston)
  • Is a vagally mediated reflex involved in the development of cough? R. Shaker (Milwaukee)
  • Is a vagally mediated reflex involved in the development of asthma? S. Harding Hawkins (Birmingham, AL)