Special Session 5

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5 Monday, September 3, 8:15 - 10:00 am
Pharyngeal reflux

Chairs: P. Belafsky (Los Angeles) – R. Shaker (Milwaukee)
Discussant: S. Bor (Izmir)

  • What are the current diagnostic tests for LPR? P. Dettmar (Hull)
  • Is pepsin a sensitive and specific marker for LPR? N. Johnston (Milwaukee)
  • What is the prevalence and role of LPR in laryngeal cancer? N. Johnston (Milwaukee)
  • Do in vitro studies support a role for LPR in laryngeal cancer? J. Allen (Auckland)
    – Do animal in vivo studies support a role for LPR in laryngeal cancer?
    – Do human studies support a role for LPR in laryngeal cancer?
  • What laryngo-pharyngeal symptoms are attributable to LPR? P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)
  • What objective evidence supports a role for EER in CRS? J.M. Del Gaudio (Atlanta)
  • Does CRS respond to treatment of EER? What is the appropriate treatment of CRS J.M. Del Gaudio (Atlanta)
  • What is the evidence for airway protective role of aerodigestive reflexes in preventing aspiration? (excluding laryngeal adductor reflex). R. Shaker (Milwaukee)
  • What are criteria by which gastro-esophageal reflux is not the cause of ENT symptoms? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • What treatments should we offer patients with ENT symptoms and normal reflux monitoring tests? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • How long should the PPI trial be in patients with ENT symptoms suspected to be due to GERD? W.W. Chan (Boston)
  • Which ENT symptom is most likely associated with GERD? R. Tutuian (Bern)
  • What are the options for treating hypo-pharyngeal/high cervical esophageal strictures in patients treated for head and neck cancers? K.S. Dua (Milwaukee)