The OESO Research Award Competition

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 - 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Jury: Chair: S.J. Sontag (Chicago)
Members: K. Das (New Brunswick) – T.H. Gouge (New York) – R. Lambert (Lyons) – C. Scarpignato (Parma) – A. Umar (Boston)

To maintain the flow of new and youthful ideas throughout the OESO and its undertakings, and to provide young researchers with a chance to begin a research project or even a career, the OESO is offering an addition to the scientific Conference: The “Fellow and Young Investigator Award”
• A multi-disciplinary OESO Committee will review the submissions sent by young investigators from International Academic Centers and selected a first group of proposals.
• 5 selected proposals will be presented by their authors to the entire OESO audience in a 5 minute talk during the special Fellow and Young Investigator session, before the Opening Ceremony.
• Identification of ‘the cell of origin’ in Barrett’s esophagus through lineage tracing in a novel surgical mouse model. D. Straub, K. Parikh, H. Clevers, N.S. Buttar, S. Krishnadath
• Barrett’s oesophagus – oesophageal sensitivity and acid clearance. C. Lottrup, A.M. Drewes
• Prevalence of erosive esophagitis and Barrett’s esophagus in Moscow. A multicenter, prospective study. M. Kirova, L. Lazebnik , S. Bor, D. Bordin, P. Shcherbakov.
• Comparison of pyloroplastry outcomes with and without gastric electrical stimulation. (Enterra therapy) for refractory gastroparesis. Reza Hejazi, R.W. McCallum, I. Sarosiek, M. Zuckerman, B. Davis
• Impact of mini-invasive esophagectomy for esophageal carcinoma: Results of morbidity, mortality and survival. I. Braghetto, G. Cardemil, M.Mushle, C. Mandiola

The two winners of that competition will be honored during the Gala evening.
They will be OESO’s special guests in Paris in 2013 and will present the progress reports of the studies
they have led.

The OESO protocol research competition organized in August 2010 at the time of the Boston Conference
was highly successful and received entries of high scientific level.

The 2 winners of that competition will also present the progress reports of their studies.

• Molecular analysis of progressive increase in carcinogenicity in a novel model of transformation
of benign Barrett’s epithelium in vitro. M. Bajpai (New Brunswick)
• Measuring mechanical dysfunction of the esophago-gastric junction by a distensibility technique
using the functional lumen imaging probe. B. McMahon (Dublin)