Topic Forum 10

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10 Tuesday, September 4, 9:40 – 11:25 am
Neurogenic dysphagia - Oro-pharyngeal dysphagia

P. Clavé (Mataro) – B. Martin-Harris (Charleston)
P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)
Secretary: O. Ortega Fernandez (Mataro)

  • What is dysphagia? D.O. Castell (Charleston)
  • What outcome measures matter: clinical, instrumental, nutrition, quality of life? P. Clavé (Mataro)
  • Can we predict models of recovery of oropharyngeal dysphagia based on diagnosis? B. Martin-Harris (Charleston)
  • Videofluoroscopy and FEES are used as assessments of oropharyngeal swallowing function: do they miss esophageal impairment? P. Pokieser (Vienna)
  • What are the properties of an optimal stimulus for elicitation of oropharyngeal and esophageal swallowing? P. Clavé (Mataro)
  • What is the relationship between esophageal muscle function and perception of dysphagia? D. Sifrim (London)
  • How does the UES open in the absence of suprahyoid muscle function? R. Shaker (Milwaukee)
  • Are there any imaging criteria for myotomy of the UES or botulinum toxin injection in patients with neurologic swallowing impairment? P. Pokieser (Vienna)
  • What is the value of crico-pharyngeal myotomy? What are the histological findings? P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)
  • Does pharyngeal peristalsis exist? What are the underlying mechanism(s) and implications for treatment? B. Martin-Harris (Charleston)
  • Patients with specific oro-pharyngeal swallowing impairment are sometimes treated by altering head positioning and/or bolus consistency: what are the mechanical mechanisms by which these maneuvers alter function in the oropharynx? A. Ouyang (Hershey)
  • In patients with neurogenic  dysphagia, what medications can be considered as protective against aspiration pneumonia? P.Clavé (Mataro)
  • Does respiratory – swallow coordination contribute to dysphagia and if so, can patterns of coordination be trained? B. Martin-Harris (Charleston)
  • Can esophageal musculature be trained? A. Ouyang (Hershey)
  • Do surgical interventions restore critical components of oro-pharyngeal swallowing function? P. Belafsky (Los Angeles)