Welcome Prof. G. Costamagna

Attenzione: apre in una nuova finestra.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Como and its wonderful lake!

Welcome to the 11th OESO World Conference, the most exciting and comprehensive inter-disciplinary event on oesophageal diseases which brings together the vast majority of the world renowned experts in 19 disciplines !

Following the original OESO format, this year the topic of “Reflux Disease: from LES to UES, and beyond…” will be analyzed, dissected, put on focus, discussed, and finally … metabolized through 570 questions and answers.

In other words, to paraphrase the title of a famous Woody Allen movie, “all that you would like to know about reflux disease, and you have never dared asking”!

I am fully convinced that the meeting will be once again a great  scientific and educational success and that everyone will bring home unforgettable memories both of the conference and of the beautiful frame of the lake Como.

Guido Costamagna

Professor of Surgery,
Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome
Director, Digestive Endoscopy Unit
Gemelli University Hospital, Rome, Italy
Co-President, 11th OESO World Conference