Special Session 4

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4 Sunday, September 2, 4:30.- 6:15 pm
Cancer biology
Chairs: K. Das (New Brunswick) – X.L. Chen (Durham)
Discussant: R.C. Fitzgerald (Cambridge)

  • How do the components of gastric refluxate, especially acid and bile salts, promote carcinogenesis in metaplastic Barrett’s esophagus? R.F. Souza (Dallas)           
    - Effects on DNA damage
    - Effects on proliferation
    Effects on apoptotic resistance
  • Is there a specific cell phenotype in BE that is more prone to development of EAC? K. Das (New Brunswick)
  • What is the role of gastrin in progression of BE to esophageal adenocarcinoma?  J.A. Abrams (New York)
  • What is the effect of inflammatory cytokines linked to obesity on the activation of cell death pathways and cell survival in BE and esophageal cancer? J.V. Reynolds (Dublin)
  • Can acid and bile induce chromosomal instability and clonal selection during the progression of BE to EAC? M. Bajpai (New Brunswick)
  • In BE is there a point of “no return” from metaplasia to dysplasia?  Can gene expression panels predict outcomes for patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma? P. Malfertheiner (Magdeburg)
  • Do Barrett’s epithelial cells undergo senescence with the development of dysplasia? K.K. Wang (Rochester, MN)
  • What is the role of autophagy in Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer development? K. Dvorak (Tucson)
  • May SNPs in promoter regions of pro-inflammatory genes predict the development of EAC?  D.G. Beer (Ann Arbor)
  • Is p53 mutation a major event in the carcinogenesis process of benign BE cells to malignancy? G. Prasad (Rochester, MN)
    Can this be utilized for diagnosis and therapeutic purposes?                
  • How the Genome wide changes in DNA methylation and transcription are involved in BE carcinogenesis? A. Verma (New York)
  • What is the role of nitric oxide in promoting invasion and metastasis of Barrett’s-associated esophageal adenocarcinoma? R.C. Fitzgerald (Cambridge)
  • What is the potential role of microRNA in the development of BE and EAC? K.S. Garman (Durham)
  • During the early development of chromosomal instability in Barrett’s esophagus, are DNA chromosomal loss or gains focal or widespread? K.K. Wang (Rochester, MN)
  • What animal models may be used for BE and EAC research? X.L. Chen (Durham)