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Guido COSTAMAGNA (Rome) – Reza SHAKER (Milwaukee)

Organizing Committee
Chairs: Carmelo SCARPIGNATO (Parma) – Guido COSTAMAGNA (Rome)
Luigi BONAVINA (Milan)
Henry COHEN (Montevideo)
Robert GIULI (Paris)
Meiyun KE (Beijing)
Richard W. McCALLUM (El Paso)
Gerardo NARDONE (Naples)
Fabio PACE (Milan)
Roberto PENAGINI (Milan)
Vicenzo SAVARINO (Genoa)
Prateek SHARMA (Kansas City)
Elizabeth WILEY (Chicago)

In 2012, for the first time, the development of the scientific program of the 11th World Conference is entrusted to a number (35) of Committees or "Interest Sections", each covering one of the topics chosen in an attempt to make an in-depth dissection of the theme of the congress.

Each Committee comprises a Chair, a Chair Elect, a Vice Chair, and 5 members, one of whom to be a Fellow appointed by the Chair.

The scientific renown of each of those having accepted to serve on the Committees secures the level of the program which will be proposed on this occasion.

For the 10 preceding conferences, the entire task of developing the scientific program was born by one, single person.
In the continuity of a cohesive method, these Committees were drawn up following the plan presented in Boston, based on the names of the volunteers that signed up at the end of the 10th OESO Congress.

This new, multi-directional way of building the content of the program is warmly welcome by the Executive Direction. The personal input of each one in this process is expected to be key to the scientific impact of the Como event.

The Chairs and members of the Committees have been asked:

  • to draw up a number of focused questions dealing with the discipline of the Committee in the spirit of  the original, specific format of OESO, that is, questions to be answered in no more than 300 seconds in Plenary Sessions or Special Sessions,
  • to propose ideas for Symposia or Topic Fora, each comprising 6 ten minute presentations, with 45 minutes for discussion.

A great number of proposals, from diverse Committees and diverse disciplines, came to the OESO Offices, and, according to the chosen title, a tentative program at a glance was made, avoiding overlaps, making a distribution of the various topics that could make the OESO 11th Conference, once again, a multi-disciplinary event in the field of esophagology.

The 35 Committees (pdf)

* Among volunteers that signed up at the Boston Conference

Roberto DANTAS (Ribeirao Preto)
Chair Elect: Jesper LAGERGREN (Stockholm)
Vice Chair:
Reza MALEKZADEH (Tehran)
Lauren B. GERSON (Stanford)
Liam MURRAY (Belfast)
Jun ZHANG (X'ian)
Thomas SCHNELL (Chicago)


Larry S.  MILLER (Philadelphia)*
Chair Elect:
Barry P. McMAHON (Dublin)*
Vice Chair:
Jim G. BRASSEUR (University Park)*
Hans GREGERSEN (Aalborg)*

Barry p. McMahon (Dublin)*
Ann OUYANG (Hershey)
Anil VEGESNA (Philadelphia)

Muscular physiology

Ravinder K. MITTAL (San Diego)*
Chair Elect:
Richard W. McCALLUM (El Paso)*
Vice Chair:
Daniel SIFRIM (London)
Khalil BITAR (Chapel Hill)
Jim G. BRASSEUR (University Park)*
Kenneth R. DeVAULT (Jacksonville)*
Hans GREGERSEN (Aalborg)*


Qasim AZIZ (London)
Chair Elect:
Simon J.H. BROOKES (Adelaide)
Vice Chair:
Paul ENCK (Tübingen)
Shaheen HAMDY (Manchester)
Anthony R. HOBSON (London)
Wilfried L. NEUHUBER (Erlangen)
Nieb SAHIBZADA (Washington)

Epithelial biology

Chair: Roy C. ORLANDO (Chapel Hill)
Chair Elect: Xiaoxin (Luke) CHEN (Durham)*
Vice Chair: Richard W. McCALLUM (El Paso)*
Members: Piero BIANCANI (Providence)
Katerina DVORAKOVA (Tucson)
Wael El RIFAI (Nashville)*
Laura HARDIE (Leeds)
Anissa SHAKER (St Louis)

Molecular biology
Chair: Kausilia K. KRISHNADATH (Amsterdam)
Chair Elect: Roy C. ORLANDO (Chapel Hill)*
Vice Chair: Rhonda F. SOUZA (Dallas)
Members: Navtej J. BUTTAR (Rochester, MN)
Xiaoxin (Luke) CHEN (Durham)*
Kiron M. DAS (New Brunswick)
Rebecca FITZGERALD (Cambridge)

GI Motility
Chair: R.W. McCALLUM (El Paso)
Chair Elect: Roy K. WONG (Washington)
Vice Chair: Prakash C.GYAWALI (St Louis)*
Members: Kulwinder S. DUA (Milwaukee)
David A. KATZKA (Rochester, MN)
Roberto PENAGINI (Milan)

Roy K.Wong (Washington)

Reza Hejazi (El Paso)

GI Sensitivity
Chair: Piero BIANCANI (Providence)
Chair Elect: Asbjorn M. DREWES (Aalborg)
Vice Chair: Qasim AZIZ (London)
Members: Michele CICALA (Rome)
Anthony HOBSON (London)
Roy C. ORLANDO (Chapel Hill)
Ann LUND-KRARUP (Aalborg)

Clinical gastroenterology
Chair: Vincenzo SAVARINO (Genoa)
Chair Elect: Meiyun KE (Beijing)
Vice Chair: David ARMSTRONG (Hamilton)
Members: Michele CICALA (Rome)
Michio HONGO (Sendai)
Siavosh NASSERI-
Stephen J. SONTAG (Chicago)*
Radu TUTUIAN (Bern)

Chair: Bonnie MARTIN-HARRIS (Charleston)
Chair Elect: Peter POKIESER (Vienna)*
Vice Chair: Pere CLAVE (Mataro)
Members: Olle EKBERG (Malmö)
Susan HARDING (Birmingham, AL)

Peter Pokieser (Vienna)*
Virginie WOISARD (Toulouse)

Chair: Peter BELAFSKY (Los Angeles)
Chair Elect: Gregory POSTMA (Augusta)
Vice Chair: Nikki JOHNSTON (Milwaukee)
Members: Peter W. DETTMAR (Hull)
John Del GAUDIO (Atlanta)
Catherine REES-LINTZENICH (Winston Salem)


Chair: Mark S. LEVINE (Philadelphia)
Chair Elect: Cheri L. CANON (Birmingham, AL)*
Vice Chair: Peter POKIESER (Vienna)*
Members: Pere CLAVE (Mataro)
Olle EKBERG (Malmö)
Summet MITTAL (Omaha)*

Chair: Charles J. LIGHTDALE (New York)
Chair Elect: Haruhiro INOUE (Yokohama)*
Vice Chair: P.D. SIERSEMA (Utrecht)*
Members: Julian ABRAMS (New York)
Gary W. FALK (Philadelphia)*
Thierry PONCHON (Lyons)

Chair: Gary W. FALK (Philadelphia)*
Chair Elect: Helmut MESSMANN (Augsburg)*
Vice Chair: Richard I. ROTHSTEIN (Lebanon)
Kulwinder DUA (Milwaukee)
John HORWHAT (Washington)*
Srinadh KOMANDURI (Chicago)*
Lee L. SWANSTRÖM (Portland)*

Ganapathy Prasad (Rochester)

Manometry Impedance
Chair: Roberto PENAGINI (Milan)*
Chair Elect: Prakash C.GYAWALI (St Louis)
Vice Chair: Roberto DANTAS (Ribeirao Preto)*
Members: Sami ACHEM (Jacksonville)
Daniel SIFRIM (London)
Radu TUTUIAN (Bern)
Kenneth VEGA (Oklahoma City)*

Ivana Bravi (Milan)

Robert H. RIDDELL (Toronto)*
Chair Elect:
Melissa UPTON (Seattle)*
Vice Chair:
Robert Daniel ODZE (Boston)*
Henry D. APPELMAN (Ann Arbor)*
Gert De HERTOGH (Leuven)
Robert M. NAJARIAN (Boston)*
Elizabeth WILEY (Chicago)*

Chair: Michael VIETH (Bayreuth)*
Chair Elect: Helen H. WANG (Boston)
Vice Chair: Antonio TADDEI (Florence)
Members: Hala EL-ZIMAITY (Toronto)
Elizabeth A. MONTGOMERY (Baltimore)
Robert D. ODZE (Boston)*

Pharmacology – Therapeutics
Chair: Richard H. HUNT (Hamilton)*
Chair Elect: Carmelo SCARPIGNATO (Parma)*
Vice Chair: Donald O. CASTELL (Charleston)
Members: Paolo BECHI (Florence)
Peter HOLZER (Graz)
Angel LANAS (Saragoza)
Peter MALFERTHEINER (Magdeburg)

Conventional surgery
Chair: Valter Nilton FELIX (Sao Paulo)*
Chair Elect: Luigi  BONAVINA (Milan)
Vice Chair: Thomas LEHNERT (Bremen)
Adolfo BADALONI (Buenos Aires)*
Italo BRAGHETTO (Santiago)
Björn BRÜCHER (Tübingen)*
Piers GATENBY (London)*

Minimally invasive surgery
Chair: Lee L. SWANSTRÖM (Portland)*
Chair Elect: Alejandro NIEPONICE (Buenos Aires)*
Vice Chair: Thomas FRANZEN (Linkoping)*
Members: Jean-Marie COLLARD (Brussels)*
Brice GAYET (Paris)
Vic VELANOVICH (Detroit)*
Grzegorz T. WALLNER (Lublin)*

Natural orifice surgery
Chair: Blair A. JOBE (Pittsburgh)*
Chair Elect: Brant K. OELSCHLAGER (Seattle)*
Vice Chair: Erwin RIEDER (Portland)
Members: Haruhiro INOUE (Yokohama)
Silvana PERRETTA (Strasbourg)
Richard I. ROTHSTEIN (Lebanon)

Chair: David H. ILSON (New York)*
Chair Elect: Elizabeth A. MONTGOMERY (Baltimore)
Vice Chair: Bas P. WIJNHOVEN (Rotterdam)*
Members: Wael El RIFAI (Nashville)
Takashi FUJIMURA (Kanazawa)
Daniel VALLBOEHMER (Cologne)

Bas P.Wijnhoven (Rotterdam)*

Cancer biology
Chair: Kiron M. DAS (New Brunswick)*
Chair Elect: Rhonda F. SOUZA (Dallas)
Vice Chair: Michael K. GIBSON (Pittsburgh)*
Members: Ian L.P. BEALES (Norwich)*
Katerina DVORAK (Tucson)*
Hiroshi MASHIMO (Boston)*

Oncologic surgery
Chair: Paul M. SCHNEIDER (Zurich)
Chair Elect: Daniela KANDIOLER (Vienna)
Vice Chair: Arnulf H. HÖLSCHER (Cologne)
Members: Wayne L. HOFSTETTER (Houston)
Mark J. KRASNA (Towson)
Simon LAW (Hong Kong)
Shoiji NATSOGUE (Kagoshima)

Innovative technologies
Chair: Shaheen HAMDY (Manchester)
Chair Elect: R. Van HILLEGERSBERG (Utrecht)
Vice Chair: Alejandro NIEPONICE (Buenos Aires)*
Members: Stephan F. BADYLAK (Pittsburgh)
Hans GREGERSEN (Aalborg)
Lee L. SWANSTRÖM (Portland)

Surgical outcomes
Chair: Roger P. TATUM (Seattle)*
Chair Elect: Luigi BONAVINA (Milan)
Vice Chair: Thomas LEHNERT (Bremen)*
Members: Jean-Marie COLLARD (Brussels)*
Frédéric MAL (Paris)
Katie S. NASON (Pittsburgh)*
Christoph SCHUHMACHER (Munich)

Strictures – Leaks – Perforations

Chair: Kulwinder S. DUA (Milwaukee)
Chair Elect: Peter SIERSEMA (Utrecht)
Vice Chair: Eduardo DeMOURA (Sao Paulo)
Members: Eduardo DeMoura (Sao Paulo)

Brice GAYET (Paris)
K.L. GOH (Kuala Lumpur)
Nalini GUDA (Milwaukee)
Rakesh KOCHHAR (Chandigarh)
Nageshwar REDDY (Hiderabad)

Infection control
Chair: P. MALFERTHEINER (Magdeburg)
Chair Elect: Peter HEEG (Tubingen)*
Vice Chair: John DILLON (Dundee)
John Dillon (Dundee)

Tina DALIANIS (Stockholm)

Chair: Sudarshan JADCHERLA (Columbus)*
Chair Elect: Samuel NURKO (Boston)*
Vice Chair: Neelesh TIPNIS (Milwaukee)*
Members: Khalil N. BITAR (Chapil Hill)
Anna-Maria STAIANO (Naples)
Mike THOMSON (Sheffield)
Michiel P. Van WIJK (Amsterdam)

Chair: Alberto BARROSO (Houston)
Chair Elect:
Liam MURRAY (Belfast)
Vice Chair: Isabelle ROMIEU (Lyons)
Members: Federica Del GENIO (Naples)
Marta DAVILA (Houston)
Alex DEKOVITCH (Houston)
John STROEHLEIN (Houston)


Chair: Jim G. BRASSEUR (University Park)*
Chair Elect: P. POKIESER (Vienna)*
Vice Chair: Melissa UPTON (Seattle)
Members: Katerina DVORAK (Tucson)
Robert GIULI (Paris)*
Robert D. ODZE (Boston)*
Roger P. TATUM (Seattle)

Multimedia post-graduate course
Chair: Roger P. TATUM (Seattle)*
Chair Elect: Peter C. WU (Seattle)
Vice Chair: Carmelo SCARPIGNATO (Parma)
Members: Sumeet MITTAL (Omaha)*
Peter POKIESER (Vienna)
Melissa UPTON (Seattle)


Chair: Rebecca C. FITZGERALD (Cambridge)
Chair Elect:
Amitabh CHAK (Cleveland)
Vice Chair: Yvonne ROMERO (Rochester, MN)
Members: David G. BEER (Ann Arbor)
Kiron DAS (New Brunswick)

Yvonne Romero (Rochester, MN)

Physiology & Molecular Medicine
Chair: Jerzy SAROSIEK (El Paso)                        
Chair Elect: Richard McCALLUM (El Paso)                
Vice Chair:               
Members: Grzegorz T. WALLNER (Lublin)              
P. MAJEWSKI (Lublin)

Membership & Advertizing
Melissa UPTON (Seattle)*
Chair Elect:
Meyun KE (Beijing)
Vice Chair:
Xiaoxin (Luke) CHEN (Durham)*
Members: Sami ACHEM (Jacksonville)*
Dianchun FANG
Thomas FRANZEN (Linkoping)*
Richard H. HUNT (Hamilton)*         
Sumeet MITTAL (Omaha)*
Yvonne ROMERO (Rochester, MN)
Christoph SCHUHMACHER (Munich)*
Heine Van Der WALT (Pretoria)
Jun ZHANG (X'ian)