Continuing its course of regular expansion, and fulfilling its role in CME, made official by the Resolution approved by UNESCO at the General Conference of 1999 and put into effect by the UNESCO Chair for distance learning, OESO, and the OESO Foundation representing its arm for CME, have created a new structure, The OESO CME Task Force.


Working in close cooperation with the members of the Executive Board, the Scientific Direction, the Permanent Scientific Committee of OESO, the Executive Committee of the OESO Foundation, and HON, the OESO CME Task Force strives to develop on a worldwide scale the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of information in line with one of the essential missions of UNESCO.





●   Expansion of the OESO network of Experts in diagnosis, second opinion, and therapeutic strategy.

●   Setting up of University groups of experts for inclusion in the OESO network.

●   Cooperation with existing structures for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

●   Practical organization and development of the OESO Foundation scientific program.

●   Evaluation and updating of the "OESO Knowledge Interactive Information System" using the original program developed by OESO in cooperation with HON (Health On the Net) The OESO Encyclopedia

●   Commentaries on clinical cases and courses on the Web

●   Networking of the scientific content of the OESO World Conferences.

●   CME multi-disciplinary program

    – Courses on the web Educational activities on-line

    – Commentaries on clinical cases Clinical cases discussion

    – Videoconferences

●   Preparation of up-to-date, easy to access scientific information for the general public.





●   To represent the original, multi-disciplinary component of the OESO Foundation, to ensure the rigor of its approach and its credibility by the control of its scientific valueand the regular maintenance of its excellence.

●   To ensure that the OESO network, with the program of the UNESCO Chair for distance learning, provides innovative means of structuring healthcare at the local, national, and international levels, by the implementation of an operational program capable of challenging the traditional practices



Current members of the OESO CME Task Force:


C. Boyer (Geneva), Health On the Net

I.F. Herrmann (Munich), ENT

D. Nocca (Montpellier), Surgery

C. Scarpignato (Parma), Pharmacology-Gastroenterology

R.P. Tatum (Seattle), Surgery

R. Tutuian (Bern), Gastroenterology

M. Upton (Seattle), Pathology

F.S. Giuli (Paris), Consultant






The OESO CME Task Force

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