Implementation of the Platform

The OESO-SEMPIRE Platform for Esophageal Health

A training and educational tool dedicated to the foregut, is ready to offer its services to the scientific community. A multidisciplinary Platform fostering the exchange of data, knowledge, and best practices, harnessing the newest technologies available globally.

The implementation of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform on February 26, 2023, was a great day for OESO,
using the most recent advances in technology in the field of information and Artificial Intelligence.
This implementation will represent at the same time,
  • an achievement in the activities of OESO,
  • as well as a start towards the realization of the global and multi-disciplinary projects of the Platform.
It illustrates the valuable contribution of the Platform to innovation in daily practice,
and to the provision of an efficient inter-disciplinary network of second opinion and capacity building in Esophagology.