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Focusing on Esophagology has led OESO, since its founding, to set a standard of innovation of a unique scope, considering its basic structure and the scientific level of its inter-university global partnership. The primary interest of what has been built in its international, multi-disciplinary program, lies in its approach to expand knowledge across the disciplines related to one organ, and to share this knowledge in a way that will ultimately benefit patients.

Global Education in Esophagology

Virtual Global interactive clinical cases discussions

"Thank you so much for sending me the link for the last session.
I am really so grateful!

I am asking if it is possible to have the links for all the previous sessions because for me these represent the best method for continuous medical education and to improve the experience of my staff by watching these sessions and listening to the fruitful discussions…"

Prof. Reda Ezz
(Head, upper GI unit, Ain Shams University of Cairo) June 13, 2023

The topic and time is announced well in advance on the OESO website and the  OESO Newsletters with specification of the time to allow connection at a comfortable hour of  the day. 

> The next 35th clinical case coming up for discussion will be presented on Thursday, July 18, 2024 hosted by the Pilot Center of Bomet

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A Worldwide Multidisciplinary Platform

A training and educational tool dedicated to the foregut is ready to offer its services to the scientific community. A multidisciplinary Platform fostering the exchange of data, knowledge, and best practices, harnessing the newest technologies available globally.

  Introduction to the Platform

A global network

Each Pilot Center has a "landing page".
The implementation of the Platform provides:

  • easy and permanent Interaction with other Pilot Centers,
  • access to a Multimedia Center, content library (articles, videos),
  • opportunity to highlight research and/or scientific results

​​The detailed content of the landing pages for each Pilot Center (Team members, activities, research) is available on the Platform website.

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33 Pilot Centers of Excellence

We, all of us in OESO,
have spent more than 3 decades building this innovative esophagology training partnership which fosters the exchange of data, knowledge, expertise, and best practices between global centers of the OESO network.
A fundamental step for Esophagology was taken with the Platform of Excellence set up with SEMPIRE to adhere to the principle of multi-disciplinarity OESO has nurtured since its founding.

Fellowships – Traineeships

Allied Socities & Allied Partners

Missions in Developing Countries 

The OESO missions in Developing Countries initiative, carried out in the framework of the Chair for Distance Learning awarded by the UNESCO, concern Centers which can benefit from special training sessions in laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy.

The beneficial role of GI endoscopy for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many digestive diseases is well established, as well as for the exploration and dilation of caustic stenoses very frequent in young children following ingestion of caustic liquids. 

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The OESO World Congresses

Each OESO congress brings together 500 to one thousand delegates from 60 to 70 countries, each dealing with ONE topic in esophagology dissected into hundreds of sharp questions, according to the original, specific OESO format. 

  • OESO was born as a wager, at a time when the compartmentalization of disciplines made any attempt at multi-disciplinarity illusory.
  • OESO has made it possible from its first world congress in 1984 to its 15th in 2019.
  • OESO will continue to do so in the congresses that follow.

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   OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference "Esophagus 2024"

The OESO Encyclopedia
of Esophagology

16 volumes published   

Cooperation between OESO and the New York Academy of Sciences

Each book is a sequence of structured review articles, with illustrations, tables and complete bibliographical references focused on a single question of the program.

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The single goal of OESO and OESO-SEMPIRE is Education in the field of the foregut. It is the image of one of the missions of UNESCO for dissemination of information and sharing of knowledge. 

The poly-disciplinary potential magnitude of the OESO-SEMPIRE network is evidenced by a Resolution approved at the General Conference of UNESCO and 2 Chairs granted to OESO and to the OESO Foundation.

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