Advisory Board

Platform of Excellence in Esophagology
Global perspectives for Education in Esophagology

Advisory Board of the Platform


President: George Triadafilopoulos
OESO Officer: Robert Giuli
Regional Officers
Russel White
North America
Roger P. Tatum
South America
Bruno Zilberstein
Jie He
Matthew Read
Luigi Bonavina 



The Platform of Excellence set up by OESO with Stanford University is now in a position to implement its multidisciplinary program for global perspectives of Education in Esophagology.
The prospects thus offered by this joint initiative to the international community are immense.

In accordance with its Bylaws (Article VII), OESO has decided to set up 6 Representations, each covering a part of the world with a" Regional Officer" at the helm.

The 6 Regional Officers will constitute the Advisory Board of the OESO-Stanford Platform of Excellence, the role of which will be to advise in the implementation of global perspectives of Education in Esophagology and to provide rigor in the organization and operations of the Platform.

In accordance with the laws in force in the countries concerned, the members of the Advisory Board will act as consultants on topics such as:

  • Pertinence – Coordination of the programs of the Pilot Centers
  • Communication to advertise the courses
  • Strategy  for development of the Platform
  • Evaluation of applications of potential new Pilot Centers
  • Determination of guidelines and position papers
  • Accreditation of Educational Courses
  • Joint studies / Consensus on new technologies
  • Financing and applications for funding – Grants

Six world renowned personnalities have accepted to be members of the Advisory Board.


George Triadafilopoulos will be President of this Board.
Robert Giuli, founder of OESO,  will act as OESO Officer.