Fellows can be integrated in the activity of the Pilot Center, and exchanges of Fellows / Trainees with other Pilot Centers will be encouraged.

The fellowships can be of two sorts:

  • Basic Fellowship, with a 2 week rotation in the various departments of the Center,
  • Advanced Fellowship for a one year duration, to generate sub-specialists in esophageal disease.

The maximum number of Fellows in each category will be 2.

Requests for exchanges of Fellows / Trainees to be forwarded to OESO.

Interactive exchanges of Fellows / Trainees / Professors & Staff members are open to all Pilot Centers comprised in the network.                        

  • Foreign Fellows / Trainees hosted by the Pilot Center with two options:                                  
    – Short refresher courses in one or several specialties offered in the Pilot Center (2 weeks),         
    – Long-term participation in the activities of the Pilot Center (1 year),            
  • Fellows / Trainees/ Staff members sent by the Pilot Center to another Pilot Center.
  • Financing is expected,                              
    – either from the Pilot Centers,                                 
    – or by the OESO Foundation, depending on sponsorship obtained.