Missions in developing countries

Several years ago, OESO projects were already carried out in developing countries in the framework of the Chair for Distance Learning awarded by the UNESCO.
In compliance with one of its missions for dissemination and sharing of knowledge, 4 Centers were involved in a first phase: Casablanca (Morocco), Sousse (Tunisia), Yaounde (Cameroon), and  Dakar (Senegal). These Centers benefited from special training sessions devoted to initiation and advanced courses in laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy.

Each mission comprised two stages:

  • First, a 6 day training course in  France, during which 3 to 4 members of each African team (1-2 laparoscopic surgeons, a nurse, an anesthesiologist and a gastroenterologist) were integrated in the clinical and educational activities of Hospital  Departments for courses in laparoscopic surgery and interventional endoscopy.
    At the end of each training program, educational material (DVD containing the acts carried out during the week) were given to the trainees.
  • Secondly, members of the teams in France  having hosted these first missions go to the Centers in Africa to assist in the application of the techniques.

The educational level of the training programs of these first exchanges in the fields of laparoscopic surgery and interventional endoscopy was strongly pointed out by the participants.

Today, the beneficial role of GI endoscopy for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many digestive diseases is well established, as well as for the exploration and dilation of caustic stenoses very frequent in young children following ingestion of caustic liquids (caustic soda).
Expansion of laparoscopic surgery in other countries of Africa with connections to other centers is now planned.

A program, pointing out the forthcoming resumption of these missions, will be part of the scheduled expansion of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform's activities.