New York Academy of Sciences

The exceptional cooperation initiated in 2010 at the Boston Conference between OESO and the New York Academy of Sciences continues to strengthen.

The publication of the Review articles provided by the speakers in a special issue of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences allows for a lasting follow-up to the content of the Conference.

In addition, the simultaneous access to PubMed and other IT medias offered by this cooperation presents a further asset for the authors.

This cooperation is yet another concrete demonstration of the multi-disciplinary approach OESO has adopted since its founding.

Cooperation with the New York Academy of Sciences dates back to 2010, with publication of  8 volumes of the Annals.

Each volume comprises a series of Review Articles which cover topics related to the various disciplines represented in OESO, an each of them is the result of the work of teams of international specialists of the highest level in their field. 

The last volumes published of the OESO Encyclopedia of Esophagology:

Global Perspectives and Novel Technologies for Esophageal Diseases

Volume 1481/1482. Publication (Wiley Publ.) of the 15th & 16th volumes of the OESO Encyclopedia of Esophagology
Edited by: Robert Giuli (OESO Foundation)

Multidisciplinary, updated information provided by the 39 review Articles contained in these two consecutives issues of Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 
These two volumes are available on the links below:


Volume 1481                 Volume 1482