About Virtual Educational Channel

Virtual Global interactive Staff Meetings around a clinical case

The constraints of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic required OESO to adapt its educational structure.
A new initiative responded to this need: the OESO-SEMPIRE VIRTUAL EDUCATIONAL CHANNEL.
It is built on the basis, already operational, of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform, coordinating the educational activities of a network of Pilot Centers of Excellence in Esophagology worldwide.
Like many of the previous ones, this approach is original, multi-disciplinary, and, from the outset, global.
Its implementation is made possible by use of the virtual techniques of communication available today.
Each time, one of the Pilot centers proposes a challenging clinical case open for interactive discussion, followed by the commentaries of invited experts.
The topic and time is announced well in advance on the OESO website and the OESO Newsletters with specification of the time to allow connection at a comfortable hour of the day.

Join us,

for an innovative series of international "Staff meetings" with experts from the five parts of the world.

The OESO-SEMPIRE virtual channel will welcome, in addition to the Pilot Centers of the network
able to connect, the contribution of

  • all the members of OESO,
  • other renowned specialists bringing their specific knowledge into the network,
    whatever their discipline,
  • and, more widely, members of the international scientific community.

Setting up a clinical case discussion


  • Transmitted from one of the Pilot Centers of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform.
  • Intended for Pilot Centers in another part of the world, taking into account the time differences.
  • Chaired by the Scientific Director of the Center with a member of the junior faculty.
  • Short duration: 1-2 hours.


  • Presentation of a challenging case in esophagology, preferably involving several disciplines,
    – Exchange of views between the presenters,
    – Discussion with people connected in another part of the world with their audience 
    (Prior announcements made by the Centers to encourage attendance).
  • Invited commentaries given by internationally recognized experts who can also contribute there experience to the panel discussion.
    These experts don't have to belong to the OESO-SEMPIRE network.


  • Zoom type technology,
  • with announcement well in advance requiring prior signing up of potential participants.
  • Courses and discussions recorded and available on the OESO website.