World Congresses

The OESO 16th World Conference
"Esophagus 2024"
Strasbourg (France) – April 23-26, 2024

  • Presidents:
    John O. Clarke (Stanford) – Stefan P. Mönig (Geneva)
  • Directors of the Scientific Committee:
    Peter Grimminger (Mainz) –
    Justin Yeong Yeh Lee (Kuala Lumpur)



Previous OESO World Congresses
  • 2019 (November 7-8-9): 15th World Conference Beijing
    (November 6: Pre-Congress Courses)
    Global perspectives and novel technologies for Esophageal diseases
    The spectrum of Dysphagia    Read more

  • 2017 (September 2-5): 14th World Conference Geneva
    Global perspectives in Esophageal diseases  
      Read more
  • 2015 (Aug. 31-Sept. 3): 13th World Conference Monaco
    "The Esophagiome"
    An all inclusive journey through the esophagus machine and upper digestive tract,
    an exploration into the depth of knowledge…  
      Read more
  • 2013 (Aug. 27-30): 12th World Conference Paris/UNESCO
    Cancers of the Esophagus
    "From normal mucosa to tumor - Translating knowledge into cure"  
      Read more
  • 2012 (Sept.1-4): 11th World Conference Como
    Reflux disease,from LES to UES, and beyond...  
      Read more
  • 2010 (Aug. 28-31): 10th World Congress Boston
    Barrett's esophagus  
      Read more
  • 2008 (April 6-9): 9th World Congress Monaco
    Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
    From reflux to inflammation – to adenocarcinoma  
      Read more
  • 2006 (Sept.3-6): 8th World Congress Avignon
    The Foregut: function-dysfunction  
      Read more
  • 2003 (Aug.31-Sept.4): 7th World Congress Paris
    The Duodeno-Gastro-Esophageal reflux  
      Read more
  • 2000 (Sept.1-6): 6th World Congress Paris/UNESCO
    Barrett 2000 – Transition to Telemedicine

  • 1996 (Sept. 3-7): 5th World Congress Paris/UNESCO
    The Esophago-Gastric Junction  
      Read more
  • 1993 (Sept. 1-4): 4th World Congress Paris/UNESCO
    The esophageal mucosa

  • 1990 (June 19-23): 3rd World Congress Paris
    Primary esophageal motility disorders

  • 1987 (June 24-27): 2nd World Congress Paris
    Benign lesions of the esophagus and cancer

  • 1984 (May 17-19): 1st World Congress Paris
    Cancers of the esophagus in 1984