The OESO 16th World Conference
"Esophagus 2024"
Strasbourg (France) – April 23-26, 2024

The smooth running of the international clinical case discussions organized on the SEMPIRE virtual channel, 
the scientific level of the cases presented, and the exchanges between the representatives of various disciplines, solicitated great interest from the participants. 
The 3 day congress in 2024 will be partially virtual, and will reflect the activities of the Pilot Centers in the field of Education during the two preceding years.

18 three hour sessions will be organized in 3 rooms.

  • 3 sessions (9 hrs) involving Sponsors will open the 16th World Conference,
  • 6 thematic sessions, each lasting 3 hours will apply the traditional Q&A OESO format.
    • Each organized by 2 Chairs, one of them having been in charge of a clinical case    discussion in a Pilot Center of the Platform.
      They will be accompanied by a "Discussant"(Moderator).
  • 3 sessions (9hrs) will be organized in the Ircad Center in Strasbourg, in cooperation with the COSECSA (Council Of Surgeons in East Central and Southern Africa)
    • Training in Surgery 
    • Training in Endoscopy 
A number of additional sessions will also reflect the basic, multidisciplinary structure of OESO:
  • 1 session on Techniques and Tips in Esophagology (3hrs)
  • 1 Tutorial in Pathology (3hrs)
  • 1 session for the presentation of research projects (3hrs)
  • 1 session for the activities of the  Pilot Centers of the Platform (3hrs)
  • 1 session left at the initiatives of young investigators (3hrs)
  • A one hour session offered to a Guest Esophageal Society will end the Conference.
Further information will be provided shortly.