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You are already familiar with OESO, or already aware of the multi-disciplinary scientific activities of this Organization devoted to the study of the esophagus.

Our website provides details of what this Organization has achieved since its founding.

Given the field of your professional activity, we invite you to become a member of OESO.

You will be among an enthusiastic, international community whose members, coming from 85 countries, closely follow the stages of OESO's multi-disciplinary work and contribute their innovative ideas and constructive suggestions to the Permanent Scientific Committee as well as the Executive committee of the OESO Foundation.

OESO Membership: Euro 200

This is a very modest sum indeed, which will give you however the advantage of being a member of a distinguished scientific society, the nature of which is shown in the Charter of OESO
You will become an active member of the Organization, and you will benefit from all the advantages provided by the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform of Excellence in Esophagology.

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